Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Not your typical Christmas cards!

Good morning, Flamingo Fans!

Melissa here, with a special project that you're sure to find inspirational. It's getting close to time for sending greetings of good tidings to those you love. My biggest issue with creating cards for the holiday season is that I have TONS of non-holiday themed papers. It feels wasteful to not use them and, instead, purchase paper that specifically meets that holiday theme. You know how that usually ends up, don't you? You buy some stack, use the papers that best meet your needs, and then you're stuck with the rest, trying to figure out what to do with them!

I have the perfect solution, using the Pink Paislee Mistables paper and tags! These are both available from FlamingoScraps http://flamingoscraps.blogspot.com/p/store.html or http://stores.ebay.com/Flamingo-Scraps. The best part is that you can use them later, on any project, not just one that fits a certain theme. Here's what I did.

From the Flamingo Scraps store:
Pink Paislee: Mistables Paper, Mistables Journaling Tags.
Prima: Flowers Assortment. Tattered Angels: Glimmer Mist. 

What I like about  the Mistables paper and tags is that you can make it fit whatever theme you'd like by your color choices. Here, I used a bit of red, dark blue, and black Glimmer Mists - also available from Flamingo Scraps. These aren't your traditional Christmas colors, but with the addition of the Prima flowers that tie in all of the colors I used, plus some rub on sentiments  I had in my stash, it meets the need for holiday greetings for my friends and family!

Spray mists dry pretty quickly on the Mistables paper, but you could also use Distress Ink or any other water-based coloring method to bring out the resist portions of the paper. A word from the wise, however, is to bring out the resist portions even more by rubbing the ink/mist off of them. I did this with a very, very slightly damp paper towel and my finger, once the mist had dried. Be very careful doing this, as the water will reactivate the dyes!

Each card is similar, but a little different. The best part, though, is that one sheet of the Mistables paper made a base for six cards, and the tags contain 10 pieces. This means that with two sheets of paper and one package of journaling tags, you can make 10 individual cards (with some paper scraps left over), which is really stretching your stash pretty far and makes quick work out of putting together those holiday cards - something that can become tedious and repetitive, especially if you have to send out a ton, like me!

So there you have it, Flamingo fans!When getting ready for the holidays, Flamingo Scraps has the holiday cards covered for you. Just wait and see what we have in store for gift giving ideas!

Until next time, keep scrappin'!


  1. Wonderful cards Melissa!!! And great idea for using your stash!!! Suzanne

  2. I LOVE the Pink Paislee Mistables!!!! Those little frames are just a.dor.a.ble!

  3. Really love this idea....thinking outside the box. Great project!!


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