Friday, June 29, 2012

Prima - Fairy Belle Canvas

Please meet my beautiful niece, Emily. She is the newest addition to the Gibbs clan, born on June 15. She had her first photoshoot with Aunt Tonya last week, and now to drive everyone crazy with project after project.

I decided to create a canvas to hang in my  living room. There are a lot of mixed media techniques used on this canvas.  I wanted it to feel like a woodsy glen.   I used the Fairy Belle paper from Prima as my accent paper. 

The background has several layers of paint, glimmer mist, texture medium, and crackle medium.  I wanted this canvas to sparkle, but maintain a rustic feel. 

Then a cut out all the flowers from the paper collection to add as a base layer to the canvas. They wrap around the outer edge of the canvas. I added a spray of Prima Lilac Rosebuds (many of which I opened and painted the bulb gold, so that they would favor the magnolias in the paper collection.

 Suzanne shared with me some tiny purple Prima flowers that favor baby's breath. They were so delicate and spindly that I thought they made the perfect filler for the rose spray. Then  I sprinkled a few crystal flower spray around, and dusted the entire thing with golden fairy dust (a.k.a. glimmer mist).

I just love how Ms. Emily looks like she is nestled in a garden with Fairies.

I hope you have enjoyed this project. Thanks for stopping in today.

Vacation Planning Folder

When I opened my latest package from the wonderful ladies of Flamingo Scraps, I was thrilled to find the Heidi Swapp 'No Limits' collection and the Studio Calico 'Abroad' Wood Veneers - my #1 pick from the CHA Winter tradeshow! 

The timing of the package couldn't have been better.  My parents are taking us on a Hawaii cruise toward the end of this year, and quite a few family friends are coming too.  We all got together recently to share tips, coordinate our shore excursions, and plan details.  I desperately needed a place to store all of the paperwork and information for our trip. The 'No Limits' memory file would be perfect.

I wanted to dress it up a bit to make it say 'Hawaii', but I wanted to be able to use the folder for other vacation planning once the Hawaii trip had passed.  I decided to the solution was to use an old-school library pocket.  I used a bunch of stamps and ink to match the style of the folder.  Here's the Before and After:

Next, I made a card to fit in the pocket.  I started with a blank white background and added two scraps of orange paper.  To hide the seam, I used a strip of white and blue, accented with a sticker from my stash.  I used a pen to color the Hawaii wood veneer blue, attached it to the card, and added a title.  After I took this picture, I filled in details, like the dates and names of our traveling companions on the top section.  The bottom section can hold special memories after the trip.
Here's how my vacation planning folder looks now!

When the trip is over, I can easily remove the card and create a new card for whatever trip we plan next.  And I can save the Hawaii card for use on a layout or keep it as it is as a momento from the trip.

From Flamingo Scraps: Heidi Swapp Memory File, Studio Calico 
wood veneer, Pink Paislee patterned paper
Other: Fiskars stamps, Clearsnap ink, Prismacolor pen, Mrs. Grossman's sticker

What do you think?!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Chust for Pretty -- Spring Jubilee Mini Album!!!

I have this long ago memory, I think from a juvenile book set in the Amish Country of Pennsylvania, of the reason hex signs are painted on many Pennsylvania Dutch barns.  Queried about the symbolism of the hex signs -- were they to ward off evil spirits?  did they have religious significance?  were they some kind of special code? -- an Amish farmer replied in his thick German accent -- they are "Chust for Pretty!"  That really had an impact on me -- an object doesn't have to have deep symbolic meaning to justify its creation -- being pretty is enough. 

This is my new mantra for crafting!  I shall no longer put off creating things until I have a reason or someone to give it to.  It makes me happy to craft so, I give myself permission to do it "Chust for Pretty."  And my first project is this Pink Paislee Spring Jubilee mini album.

Pink Paislee was spot on with its collections released at Winter 2012 CHA.  Sugar Chic and Spring Jubilee are easily among my FAVORITE collections ever!!!  Having quenched my desire for Sugar Chic with a little purse mini, I turned my attention to the gorgeous color palette, patterns, and embellishments of Spring Jubilee!  I started with a Maya Road acrylic album --
Front Cover -- Pink Paislee
Spring Jubilee 6x6 Paper Pack & PressOns;
Maya Road Trinket Pins; Prima Flowers;
FabScraps Charms

Page 1 -- Spring Jubilee Chipboard Stickers;
Seam Binding; PressOns;
 Maya Road clear packaging; vintage sheet music
Page 2 -- PressOns; Maya Road Chandelier Beads;
Webster's Pages Perfect Accents bird; Wide Venice Lace
Page 3 -- Sizzix Library Pocket Die; Webster's Netting
Remember the lace dyed with Easter egg dye?  The colors were perfect with Spring Jubilee.

Page 4 -- Webster's Pages Flower; black lace; Prima Trinkets; garment pin
Page 5 -- PressOns; Maya Road Rubons
Page 7 -- Spring Jubilee Shipping Tags; Graphic 45 Brads;
Tim Holtz bird and stickpin; Maya Road Tea Garden Organza Trim in Rose

Page 6 -- Tim Holtz Dressform Die; Maya Road Sew Cute Chipboard spool;
 Christy Tomlinson She Art Tissue; Cosmo Cricket Tiny Type Life;
Webster's Pages Bird;  jeweler's tag; resin flowers

Page 8 -- Spring Jubilee Chipboard Stickers;
Venice Lace;  FabScraps Charms;  doily
Page 9 -- Shipping Tags; Chipboard Stickers; Tim Holtz bird

Page 10 -- Miscellaneous vellum envelope; note card;
 Prima Dangling Photo Trinkets
Back Cover -- KaiserCraft stamp

Different technique for me on the binder rings.
Made a tube of some stash fabric using Fabri-tac-

Gathered the fabric sleeve over the 2" binder rings.
Binder Rings

Spring Jubilee Mini Album

I hope you will make something this summer Chust for Pretty!  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Paper Scrap Fish

Summer is here!  As the mom of a school-aged child, that means less time scrapbooking and more time doing kid-friendly projects together with my son.  Here's a fun project we made recently using 12" scraps.

From Flamingo Scraps: Fancy Pants patterned papers
Other: googly eyes

To make one fish, you will need 6 strips of 1x12-inch paper.  They can all be the same, or you can use two different colors.  I'd recommend using two different colors the first time you try this. Once you're confident in the technique, then you can switch to a single color. You'll also need scissors, craft glue, and a googly eye.
Fold all six strips of paper in half.  Interlock 2 strips (one of each color) as shown.

Add the next strip of paper by weaving it under the upper half of the folded strip and around the lower half of the folded strip. 

Weave the third strip the same way as the first.  You should have the beginning of a checkerboard pattern.

Do the opposite for the next strip.  

Weave the final strip the same way as the first strip.  Push all the strips tightly together. Because they are interlocked, they will hold together. Check front and back to be sure that there is a checkerboard pattern on both sides.

Cut off the middle strips flush to the edge of the checkerboard.

Glue down all the edges.

Make diagonal cuts on all four remaining strips.  They can be straight or gently curved. 

Add a googly eye and your fish is done!


Aren't they fun?!  You could add one to a sand bucket to make a cute tag for a summer birthday present.  You could also make a mini version of the fish as an embellishment for a swimming or beach page.  The possibilities are endless!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

ReInking Distress Pads

I have had a few people ask me in the past how to re-ink a stamp pad.  We all know that if you add too much you get a soupy mess.  If you don't add enough -  well - you know!

While I can't speak for all stamp pads (since it is specific to manufactorer standards), I can speak for the Ranger Distress Pads. 

I recently took a class with Tim Holtz and he gave a demonstration on the mystery of how much ink to use and technique for refilling your Distress Inks.

First it is important to understand the ink pads themselves. Dye based ink pads are made of felt that is compressed and then laminated with a fabric topper. The fabric keeps the felt together. The felt helps to "suspend" ink.  Think of a sponge you fill it with water and it appears dry until you press it and the water bubbles to the top.   This is exactly how the ink pads work. The ink is suspended in the pad until the stamp presses it and the ink floats to the top and is applied to the surface of your stamp.  With that said -  the Ink will not absorb into the pad without the pad being pressed.

Here are the simple steps:
Verify that you are using the correct ink for the right pad (you laugh that I say this, but my walnut ink lid was on my tea die pad and let's just say I now have 2 walnut pads).

Second the Ranger Reinker bottles are designed SO THAT THE DROPPER holds the perfect amount of ink needed to reink 1 pad.   Fill the dropper with ink and apply all over the top of the pad as demonstrated below...

Next -   Use an old gift card/credit card and scrape the ink into the pad.  You need to apply pressure, and move down the pad, then across the pad until all the ink is absorbed.  This may take a few minutes and seem hopeless at first! 

This is what your pad will look like when all the ink is absorbed.  Notice there are a few drops of ink around the lid? 

Simply wipe around the perimeter of the pad with a baby wipe or moist paper towel. Return the lid to the top.   Your ink pad is now re-inked.  Tim suggests heavy used pads be re-inked every six months to a year. 

One other helpful hint:

There is a myth that ink pads should be stored face down, so that the ink flows to the top of the pad rather than the bottom.  Since we learned at the beginning of this blog that the ink is suspended inside the pad - we know this myth to be false.  You may store your inks in any direction you like for the type of storage system you have.

Thanks for stopping in today - hope this helps!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Maya Road Laundry Room Banner

I have lived in my house for 12 years, and for 12 years, the state of my laundry room has made me crazy!!  I had shelves built and a sink installed, but never got around to painting it.  And then Pinterest and spray paint empowered me!!!  It still isn't finished, but the washer/dryer area is painted in bright, fun colors.  Which led me to tackle another project that had been waiting -- a little bit of home dec to tie the room together!

As soon as I saw the Maya Road Canvas Laundry Day Set, the Vintage Wooden Spools, and the Sew Cute Chipboard, I knew I wanted to make a banner!

I alternated Laundry Day shapes with Canvas Flag Banner pieces and wooden spools strung on narrow ribbon.  The canvas pieces were attached mini wood clothespins.

I had a ball decorating each canvas shape with wash day words and images.  Stymied as to how to make a laundry basket -- I settled on the birdcage from the Tim Holtz Movers and Shapers set -- PERFECT!!!  My most favorite ever Pink Paislee chippie letters and more Maya Road embellies -- Mini Ruler, buttons, Laundry Day Mini Chipboard, and Heart and Hand Chipboard!

I raided my stash for safety pins, charms, and the awesome overall fasteners!  I have had those for years and years, saving them for the perfect project!

My laundry room is now a pleasure to work in -- the valance is a tension rod with Dollar Tree napkins draped on it -- and I am on to the next project!!

Thanks for Looking!

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