Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun With Maya Mist!

Well, it's Friday night and lots of you may be going out for the evening.  Heading out with friends, or if you are still in school, maybe to a dance.  If you are like my girls, maybe you would like to dress up your jeans a little.

Maya Mist and a Crafter's Companion stencil to the rescue.

On these I used the Iridescent pearl and a heart and flourish stencil.  The effect is a little more subtle.

Here I used a star type pattern and blue mist.

Well, just a few quick sprays and we are ready to go.  And, since the mists are water based, they just wash out in the washing machine (yes, I did test this on some scrap fabric first).  The girls are already busy looking at the other stencils we have and thinking of what color combinations they would like to try.  Guess I will need to start hiding my mists.  LOL

Just another fun thing you can do with your mists.



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