Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekend Whimsy: Cropulation

A long time ago, in social networking forum far, far, away, there lived a Scrapping Princess named Kia Beth.  Princess Kia was frustrated.  She had made friends with so many wonderful, witty and talented scrappers through this online forum but she wanted to meet them in real life!  She thought long and hard and decided to invite some of her new friends to her home state of Colorado for a weekend of scrapping........Princess Kia had just given birth to the first annual Cropulation!

Amanda and Kia at Colorado Cropulation

Five years later, Cropulation is still an annual event.  We have swapped the hosting duties around and each year has been in a different area of  the USA but the core group of scrappers remains the same and we remain fast friends too.  We call and text each other on a regular basis.

Kia and Sares eating S'mores!
Only four of us have been lucky enough to attend every Cropulation:  Kia Beth Kofron, Amanda Sevall, Suzanne Pickens and Susan Roe.  The other usual suspects include:  Sares, Snix, Crazy Deb, AndyPants,  Sandy and this year a new Cropulator.....Mandy!

Snix, Andy, Sares, Susan and Crazy Deb meet the Green Lantern at a Scrapbook Store in Indiana
Do we get a lot of scrapping done?........maybe - maybe not.   Do we have a great time laughing and giggling and catching up with each betcha!

Amanda and Kia committing Moose Abuse!
Here's a run down of Cropulations so far:
2007 - Chocolate Moose Lodge, Fairplay, CO (In the Rocky Mountains near SOUTH PARK!)
2008 - Scrap and Spa, Union Pier, MI (Right on Lake Michigan)
2009 - Beach House, Aptos, CA (Monterey area) 
2010 - Beach House, St. Augustine Beach, FL (Need I say more?)

Amanda, Kia, Andy and Snix eating ice cream at Oink's in Michigan
We will be converging on our good friends Diane and Angie at Scrap and Spa again this year.  AndyPants is a new Mom and wants to be close enough to home just in case. ;-)  If you haven't checked out Scrap n' Spa you should.  Diane and crew are the best and they even went to Oink's with us!
Andy, Suzanne and Amanda at Monterey Bay, CA
I certainly hope we can continue our annual meetings of the Cropulators.  I never thought I would find such good friends through social networking but I have!  Viva the paradigm shift!
These are our naughty mascots.  Floracita and Carlosita sleep off a night of revelry at St. Augustine Beach, FL

Have a Great Weekend!


  1. MWAH MWAH MWAH!!!!!! I love my CROPULATORS!!!!!!! (and their ears!)

    Can't wait to see you in 75 days!

  2. *sigh* what I wouldn't give to join in on this!!! How FUN! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. would love to do something like it where i live too ;p

    looks like an adventure ;p


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