Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GLUBERS! Funny Name, Fabulous Idea!!!

When we first saw Cosmo Cricket's new products for CHA Winter 2011, we wondered what the heck GLUBERS were!!!!  Well, Amanda found a video for us demoing the new item and we knew we had to give these babies a go!!!

Glubers are nothing like what they sound like (I won't even go there!), and they are soooo fabulous that our own Tonya dreams about them (but I'll let her tell that story!).  Glubers are very thin, flexible, plastic discs that are sticky on both sides and they are the bomb for making flowers!!!  Glubers come in packs of assorted sizes (sorry, we've sold out!) and packs of 2" discs (backordered, but soon to be listed in the store!). 

All sorts of materials, including ribbon, lace, paper, and fabric, can be used to create numerous flower types!  They are so easy to use, the directions actually say "a child can do this" and "a man can do this."

I created this flower using a 2" Gluber, Prima lace, and a pearl center --

To make this flower, I cut a length of the Prima lace and peeled the protective plastic off of one side of the Gluber.  I pressed the end of the lace onto the sticky surface and began to pinch pleat the lace around the outer edge of the disc.

When I completed the circle, I repeated the process with a  shorter length of the lace.

I then added a jewel to the center --

I peeled the backing off the disc and applied it to my project!!!  Easy!!  So easy, a man could do it!!!

I can't wait to try different materials and create more wonderful flowers!!  GLUBERS!!  Funny name, fabulous idea!!!


  1. I just got a package of these from my friend and I can't wait to try them! I remember when Amanda and I were talking to Julie at Cosmo Cricket about this product! It is soooooooo AWESOME!! I was amazed at all the samples they had using it!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee yours!! Just GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Pretty flower! I love how Glubers make it so easy to turn lace or other fabrics into beautiful flowers.

  3. oh, I want that lace - that flower is gorgeous. I absolutely love it. Now you know why I'm dreaming of GLUBERS!

  4. I've been playing with them all week, they are so fun its easy to use the whole pack in one sitting, lol


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