Thursday, May 16, 2013

An AHAAAA Moment -- My Fairy Garden!!!

I have wanted to make a Fairy Garden forever -- I must have a ton of them on my Pintrest Board.  I've seen the miniatures others have used; some of them available from vendors Flamingo Scraps uses.  But then came the AHAAA moment!!!!  I had everything I needed in the store -- well, except the pot and plants.  I just used a little imagination and ingenuity, and I had a unique Fairy Garden that (I think anyway) is as pretty as any I've seen!!!

Fairy Garden using embellishments from Flamingo Scraps!

I started with a shallow terracotta bowl with a drainage hole;  then laid in some rocks and added my plants.  I used four types of Sedum -- but any type of low-growing, mounding moss or groundcover hardy in your area would do.  I filled in the areas between the plants with larger black rocks.

With my garden ready, it was time to work on the Fairy part!

I chose my embellishments and attached wooden skewers with E6000 adhesive.

I chose pieces from Prima -- metal and resin, Melissa Frances resin, Wendy Vecchi resin, and a piece of Tim Holtz mirror paper.  I used two of each piece and attached the wooden skewers between them, but once the garden was assembled, I realized that was really overkill!  The fence pieces and the flamingos are from a "miniature flamingo garden" a friend gave me awhile back and were just toooo perfect!

More shots of the embellishments being assembled.
This shot shows off the "water feature" crafted from Prima metal and
Tim Holtz mirror paper and the pair of pink flamingos standing guard!

I do believe a fairy left her bicycle leaning against
the picket fence and ventured into the garden! 

A bunny peeks out from some foliage and
there are birds at the birdbath and birdhouse!
I am so happy with my Fairy Garden and thrilled with the way the embellishments worked out!  I'm calling this a waaaaaaaay off the page project!!

Thanks for stopping by -- and check out the store for embellishments you can use in interesting and unique ways!!!!


  1. So pretty Suzanne, thanks for off the page inspiration! Donna

  2. OMG - This is awesome. It would be gorgeous around my pool (Hint hint) LOL I love how you put the toothpicks on the pieces to put them into the ground. Great job!

  3. Super cute! I especially love the flamingoes. And the little gateway is adorable.

  4. What a great idea!!! So cute!!


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