Monday, December 23, 2013

Resin me this...

My last box of Flamingo Scraps goodies brought me a new toy, and I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I finally got all moved in to my new studio and ready to scrap! It's been a while since I've actually got to sit down and do something creative, and I have a lot of lost time to make up. First and foremost, I decided to play with my new Mod Podge Mod Mold and Mini Mod Melts. And let me tell you, did I ever play!

First, let me tell you about the molds. They are available via special order. All you have to do is email Suzanne and and she can order any of them - they have 4 to choose from: ornamental, flowers, nature, or royal icons. I ordered Ornamental and I really wasn't disappointed with what I received!

There was a slight learning curve to creating your own resins. First, you definitely need a decent high-temperature hot glue gun. Mine was a cheapy, and I struggled with it a bit. Once I figured out what to do, I didn't have any problems from there! I made each of the mold items in each of the two Mod Melts availabe, Milk Glass White and Beach Glass Clear. I had the most trouble with the Beach Glass Clear, but the Milk Glass White came out near perfect! Here are each of them, side-by-side.

The best part is that these are customizable! You can ink them, paint them, mist them to your heart's desire. And, the other part, is that these aren't typical of resins you would buy from the manufacturers that Flamingo Scraps also carries, like Melissa Frances, Wendy Vicchi, or Marion Smith. These are a little more rubbery and flexible like any hot-glued item would be. After about 24 hours of sitting, they do harden a bit more, though, so if you want less flexibility it is best to wait and let them fully cure. My favorite and the easiest to work with was Milk Glass White. I had trouble getting Beach Glass Clear to a high enough temp that it went into the mold well, but my high-temp hot glue gun seemed to struggle to get hot enough, so that could be the problem!

And in case you were wondering what you could do with these itty-bitty-pretties, here is a project to feast your eyes upon!

Products used:
Mod Podge Mod Melts
Mod Podge Mod Molds
Prima Chalk Ink

Until next time,
Keep scrappin!

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