Monday, December 16, 2013

Resist Stamp Misting

I love seeing those beautiful background of papers from tons of different companies - they look distressed, dimensional, and gorgeous.  Here I will show you how I made a small 6x6 distressed misted paper for a card using stamps, ink, and mists.

 Resist Stamp Mist Tutorial

1) Supplies - Cardstock (light colored - tan, white, cream), spray mists in your choice of color, ink in your choice of color to correlate with your mists, and acrylic stamps.

2) When picking out your stamps use one that looks like the object you want to stamp, resist spraying will not show the detail of the stamp, just the outline.  I chose a leaf shape (butterflies, hearts, flowers, birds all work great too).  Lay your stamp on the paper flat side down (so there are no gaps between the paper and your stamp, raised parts facing up).  Spray your mist lightly, carefully pick up your stamp, move to a new location on the paper, spray with a different color (start with your lightest color first then move to your darkest color last), keep rotating and spraying until you have the look you want.

 3) I added a few drops of mist from the stamp leftover from misting resist technique to drop onto my paper for a better effect.

4) Pick out a different stamp for contract effect.  I went for another leaf stamp and chose a dark color (brown) for contrast.  I use a solvent ink (like StazOn) for this so it would not bleed into the wet mists.  I used both primary stamps (just applied ink to the stamp) and secondary stamps (stamped 2 times before reapplying ink to the stamp).  Stamp around the page, coming off the paper, across, layer it - remember this is supposed to look distressed and shabby!!

 5) Stamp in your resist spaces you created with the front side of the stamp (fill in the holes).  Pick a color that is similar to your mists (I chose orange) in a distress ink.  Steps 4 and 5 and be done in either order.

6) Now you can chose to do what you like with your new background paper.  You can make your paper as large as a 12x12, or cut it up and use it as your wish!!

You can find these products at Flamingo Scraps!!

Supplies used:

Ink - Ranger
Mists - Heidi Swapp
Flower - Maya Road
Bling - Prima
Twine -Maya Road
Stamps - Prima


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