Friday, April 22, 2011

My Easter Basket

When I was a little girl, my brothers and I had  Easter baskets that we used year after year.  Now I am not such a little girl anymore, but I still have my Easter basket that I use year after year!  Yes, the very same one -- now officially an antique and the colors faded from egg hunts in the Florida sunshine!  It was a really big deal every year for us to decorate our Easter baskets.  We would go to the Tulley's dime store and get ribbon and those fuzzy and feathery chicks and roosters and craft away in preparation for the arrival of Easter Sunday.  After church and a family lunch at my grandparents' house, we would hunt for eggs hidden among the azaleas and border grass and coontie fern and birds of paradise!

This is my Easter basket --

and this is a picture, ca. 1961, of me (on the left), my brothers Joe and Bill, and my cousin Jan on Easter Sunday at my grandparents' house -- see my basket!!!!

This year, I decided to decorate my Easter basket once again -- using wonderful Prima flowers and some bright ribbon.  And, of course I had to have a feathery chick!

And the eggs??  Yes, many many years ago, the Easter bunny left them in this basket!

Have a Blessed Easter filled with love, and family, and traditions!


  1. soooo pretty.I love how you decorated it.

  2. Awwwwwwwww I love that photo and I love love love what you did with your basket! Happy Easter!! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. I like today's post. Fun old picture and love what you did to your basket this year. We have my husband's childhood basket(faded like yours) and I put it out each year with some handmade crafty eggs I made 30 years ago. Happy Easter.

  4. What a fun post! I loved the picture of you as a young girl. It's great that you still have your basket.


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