Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CHA Day 2 From Amanda

Fun with Stamps!

This morning I took a class from Technique Tuesday called Ali Edward's Make Me Smile.  The class was taught by the owners of the company.  Those girls were so much fun and had such great techniques, I would definitely take a class from them again!!

We made one layout and one card.  I will finish my layout when I get home and print some pictures, but here are the pieces!  The card was super cute and easy to make:

As for some cool tips I picked up in the class?  Theonly quality clear stamps are those being made in the USA of clear photopolymer.  How can you tell the difference?  It's easy....

Do they require the jaws of life to remove from the plastic sheet?
Once you pry them off, do the fall off every block you try?  Do they never stick to anything again?
Does you ink bead?  Does your image get blurry or ruined?

Many of those stamps are made in Chibna, Taiwan or Indonesia.  So, make sure you check where they are made and what they are made of.  If you just have to have that cute stamp image, now you know and won't be disappointed that it only works for one time!!!

Tomorrow afternoon, we both have two classes.  One together, one apart.  My last class will be all about using those fabulous mists and sprays.  I cannot wait!!!

In a few weeks, I'll be back to show y'all the fabulous ways you can use your stamps to alter chipboard, flowers, trims and cardstock.


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  1. FABULOUS Amanda!! Can't wait to see those new techniques!!! Thanks for blogging!!!


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