Friday, January 8, 2010


Just for fun -- we tried coloring some of Prima's Alabaster Roses which are made of the same material as their fabulous new Innoscence (sic?) line of white, alterable flowers!!  We used Maya Road Maya Mists and Pigment Inks and love the results!!!

The top flower was edged with Leaf Green Maya Road Pigment Ink and given a topcoat of MR Maya Mist in Iridescent Pearl which softened the ink and gave it a blingy finish.  The gold flower was coated with Gold Metallic Maya Mist, the pink one is Carnation Pink and the blue is Hydrangea Blue, both with a topcoat of Iridescent Pearl.  So much FUN!!!!!


  1. Love the results on this!!

    PS: Got my order this week from the store... LOVE IT ALL!!! Thanks again!!

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............. I can't WAIT to get some of those new ones! ;)


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