Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Towel Ape and a Thank You

Don't you just love it when a company or business treats you well? Especially, when they really didn't have to? I don't know about you, but I like to work with pleasant, happy and appreciative people. When my husband and I went on our honeymoon cruise we were just so impressed with the staff on the Norwegian Spirit. All the little things they did made our trip that much more special. Take this, for instance. The room stewards left us towel animal number 3 of our cruise with a sweet, hand written note thanking US! We felt we owed THEM a thank you for keeping our room so tidy. I saved the note and I have it here with a pic of mister towel ape himself. I made this page to remember it using a paper from Carta Bella's Well Traveled collection which is currently on sale at Flamingo Scraps. Besides being treated well, I also really love a bargain =) 

  This little embellishment sticker is just right for travel photos, or just whatever photo moment you might want to scrap.

 I think one of the biggest comeback trends of 2013 in the scrapbook industry has to be the photo corner. I also really love the star confetti stickers in this collection.


 I sort of layered the alpha stickers so that they were skinnier. I didn't have too much room since my travel journal is a 5x8 size, and I cut this paper down even smaller than that for some variety. Scrapbookista-Carta-Bella-Travel-Journal-Cruise-Towel-Ape-05 

 I used one of the banner stickers on the very edge of the page and then covered the back of it with an identically shaped sticker so no sticky parts were exposed.

I used less than one sheet of paper from the Carta Bella Well Traveled collection and several of the stickers. So, if you think about it, this collection has 9 papers and tons of stickers. Divide the total cost of the collection, $7.50, by the 9 papers = 84 cents. I made this cute little page for less than $1.00! How awesome is that?!?!?! So there you have it, a bargain and another great memory treasured away =)   Abigail--Scrapbookista


  1. LOVE this Abigail!!! though before I read this, "towel ape" gave me pause!!!! A thank you is such an easy thing to do and the most wonderful thing to receive!!!

  2. I so love this!! So cute your Towel Ape!!! Such a great way to remember such a special time!!!


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