Friday, June 28, 2013

June Flamingo Four

It's time for another Flamingo Four!  This month, three other designers and I worked with these four items:

                                1) wood frame- Sheffield Custom Frames
                                2) snowflake stencil- Tattered Angels
                                3) dimensional quotes- miscellaneous
                                4) cupcake topper- miscellaneous

Melissa's Take

I'm not going to lie! This Flamingo 4 was a challenge for me. I started off with the frame, and painted it with gesso as a base, and then misted it with Primrose Color Shine. Then I took some modeling paste and tinted it with Georgia Peach Color Shine and used the mask to lay down the modeling paste. 

Next, I played with the cupcake topper and decided I liked the color, the texture, but not the stick or the clip for it, so I took it apart! From there, I decided it made a nice backer on the frame and gave it a great burst of color, so I used some glue dots to stick it to the back. I decided that I would feature one of the dimensional quotes, so I cut a small piece of chipboard, painted it with gesso and then sprayed it Primrose to match the frame. Once it dried, I attached it to the cupcake topper and then stuck the quote over it. For added interest, I attached a few flowers.

Abigail's Take

The first thing I did was to paint the frame with Tim Holtz Distress Paint. I used the Walnut Stain and let it dry completely. Then I used the Weathered Wood to go over the surface, but avoiding the nooks and crannies. Lastly I used the Snowflake stencil from Tattered Angels and misted over the frame with a light blue. I then I used some Pink Paislee Secret Crush paper to make a background.

I could have put the paper closer to the front, but I wanted to make kind of a shadow box effect.

I love the slight hint of a pattern created with the stencil and the faux vintage effect of the layering of the paint. 

Alicia's Take

For this month's Flamingo Four, I decided to create a frame with a bit of a "textured" look to it.  I painted the frame with a base coat of yellow paint, and let it dry.  Then I used the snowflake mask across the face of the frame and applied the pink paint to it.  After that layer dried, it was a bit too bright for me, so I watered down some apricot colored paint and did a light coat across the whole thing, then followed that up with a watered down whitewash coat as well.  Once I had it toned down, I decided to cut the stick off of the paper flower and adhered the "Life is in Bloom" saying to the front.  I adhered that to the frame and tucked the "Beautiful" metal embellishment behind the flower to create a little cluster in the bottom corner.  Now, all I need to do is find the right picture to put in it!

Cindy's Take

Last time, I struggled with incorporating the very heavy metal clothespin into my project.  This month, it was the cupcake topper that really challenged me.  That and the fact that none of my quotes had any of the same colors as the topper.  Then there's the stencil.  A snowflake stencil would be easy for a winter project, but there are no winter colors in any of the other items... and besides, this is June!  

As I played around with the frame, I realized that the opening was the perfect size to hold a gift card.  I popped a Baskin-Robbins gift card into the frame, then noticed that the pink of their logo matched one of the dimensional quotes I needed to use.  I cut down the quote from "Enjoy your life" to just "Enjoy" and started playing around.  What if I used the blue of the logo to paint the frame, then used just part of the snowflake stencil to stamp in pink?  That would have more of a summery tropical feel instead of a wintry snowflake feel.  It took awhile to mix the perfect shade of pink and to decide what part of the stencil to use as a stamp, but with three items used, the project was definitely coming together.

But what about the green and orange cupcake topper that was nearly as large as the frame?  It just wasn't working.  Eventually, I tore it apart.  I used the chipboard hook end and painted it the same blue as the frame and attached it as a hanger.  I cut the tiny bit of green tissue paper from the orange and used it as an accent color.  Here's the finished project:

When the gift card is removed, the recipient can use it as a frame.


That wraps up another fun Flamingo Four! We'd love to see your take. If you make something using the same four supplies as our designers, send us a picture and we'll feature it here on the blog. To find the materials we used (and so much more!) visit the Flamingo Scraps store!


  1. Nicely done, ladies. You've met another challenge with beautiful creations!

  2. Wow! I can't believe how creative you guys are! I had all kinds of grief over the cupcake topper as it wouldn't lie flat. I almost tore mine a few times before I just let it do it's kind of bell-shape, Pixar lamp shape kind of thing, lol! Great fun as always!

  3. And again, y'all rocked it!!! Abigail, I saw your cupcake thing as a flower perfect for your quote! Alicia & Melissa, LOVE how y'all texturized your frames! Cindy, in spite of the products, you came up with a cute projects! Can't wait to share this post with my friend who made the frames!!!!!!

  4. Awesome projects!! You guys rocked this one!!

  5. This was fun as usual! I am still brainstorming my next one. :)

  6. You ladies never cease to amaze me with your creativity !


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