Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekend Whimsy: Boys of Fall

I'm not really sure what it is that first attracted me to Football. Maybe it was always the "hot" guys, perhaps it’s the sweat, the passion, the fight, the grit, or maybe even the smell of the grass. Whatever it is, I know one thing - I’m a total football girl. From Thursday - Monday Night from August - January the only thing I think about is FOOTBALL.

It started at a young age, watching my brother play while my Mom & Dad volunteered our Saturdays away. Now I am the one volunteering my Saturday’s away for the local Pop Warner Football league. I often tease and say it’s my Legacy. On any given Saturday from September - November, I can be found lying in the grass taking photos as the kids swoon past me scoring touchdowns, stopping plays, or causing fumbles. I love being the one in the end zone that the kids look at and say "Did you get it?"

That passion carries on into college football. If I can’t watch the local college teams play live, I spend my free time on Saturday Nights and Sunday’s parked in a chair next to my Daddy and his DVR catching up. Call it deep rooted southern tradition. Call it passion for the game. I call it Daddy/daughter bonding time.

On August 25, I watched my son play his first junior varsity game. The pride that swept over me as I watched him score his first touchdown was overwhelming. He has played since he was 7, but every time he takes the field, a part of me steps out there with him. I captured this off his Facebook status as he prepared for this week’s game:

"23 hours I’ll be on the field waiting for that football to be kicked off butterflies in my body but as soon as that ball is in the air they will rush out and the Brighton everyone else knows will leave with them and for the next 2 hours I will be a different person all for my 1 and only true love...FOOTBALL"

Tonight I posted photos from the game, and again my heart skipped a beat when my photos end up as the "profile" photos for the Boys of Fall!

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  1. How cool to have your photo featured! CONGRATS! :):):):):):):):):):):)


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