Monday, November 19, 2012

Little Pumpkin

This is my cute little pumpkin Catherine.  She's two months old in this picture, nestled in the pumpkins. We were at a pumpkin patch and I couldn't resist putting her in the crate to take a few quick pics.

I used a neutral colored background with fun music notes and writing.  This is what I call a neutral patterned paper, it will transform into whatever you want it to be for colors and style, a step up from just textured card stock.  I then added my own flair of paints and water for the circle and splatter drips effects.  You really can't go wrong here and below are the 3 steps I took to achieve these effects.

Paint drip, circle, and flick tutorial
1) I used a cheap plastic kids paint brush and "flicked" the watered-down paint onto your paper for the paint splatters (yellow spots)
2) A plastic flower pot about 2.5 inches in diameter for the rings, just put paint of the rim of the pot and press onto your paper for a coffee mark stain effect (large circles in orange)
3) A child's medicine dropper filled with a watery paint mixture and drop it onto the paper and lift the paper up vertically to let the paint run down the page (orange dripping spot)
4) Make sure you let your page dry before adding anything else to it or it will smudge and distort your lovely work!!

If you'd rather forgo the painting and all the steps listed above, check out the selection of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists offered at Flamingo Scraps  or the new store which is set to open VERY soon

After the paint dried I added layers of fall colored papers, flowers, leaves, and doilies for a beautiful autumn page for my little pumpkin.

Products Used:
Metal Flowers and butterfly
Prima Flowers
Glitz Papers
Patterned Papers
Ranger inks, paints, and glossy accent adhesive 
Prima bling
Webster's Flower Trim


Erin Reed


  1. Wow jaw on the floor gorgeous love all the layers and details.

  2. Wow jaw on the floor gorgeous love all the layers and details.

  3. Wow jaw on the floor gorgeous love all the layers and details.

  4. This is lovely. I, too, like to use a "neutral" patterned paper over cardstock a lot of times. I really love how you played with your paint. :)

  5. Erin! This is just BEAUTIFUL!!! Love that the page is so complex & interesting but in a way that sets off your pic of your cutie! Suzanne

  6. This is sooooo beautiful! I agree with what Suzanne said above! Great job Erin!!!!!

  7. I think this layout is just amazing. I agree with everyone....just WOW!!! Great Job!!

  8. Very beautiful! I am a huge fan of neutral pp as well. It can become anything you want it to be!


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