Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tart Tin Ornaments & Photo Magnets

Hello my fine feathered flock of friends! I hope you're having a scrap happy week so far. After you see this project, I hope it gets even scrappier!

When I saw these adorable heart shaped tart tins at Flamingo Scraps, I had to have them. What I would use them for was a mystery, but nonetheless, I had to have them! The heart shaped tins are available at . The tins measure 3" from top to bottom, and 3" from side to side at the widest part. Contact Suzanne if you need more than the quantity shown via "contact seller" on the right of the page. She has assured me she has lots of these :)

I came up with this idea when my grandson and I were crafting. I was making photo magnets for my frig, then, the light bulb went on, and I thought ornaments ! I wanted something easy to make, but looked like it took hours. In fact, it was easy peasy, lemon squeezy, as my grandson would say.

I went through my ribbon stash, heated up the old glue gun, and grabbed my chopstick. Hey, don't knock it till ya try it ! I've found that a chopstick from the Chinese restaurant is the best tool for pushing something to be adhered with hot glue into the glue. Beats the heck out of burned fingers, and the glue comes off easily. Not to mention they're free!

You can use either side of the tin to make your ornament / photo magnet. Cover them with netting, lace, ribbons,seed beads, paint, flowers, or a little bit of everything. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. These tins are SO versatile. These would make awesome gifts that children can make for their grandparents .

For the star photo magnets, I simply cut the stars on my Cricut, glued onto the tin,added a magnet and voila ! Since Gabriel is into anything superheros, I thought it only fitting to make him a superhero magnet.You can use any shape for the backing. This is a simple project that kids can make as gifts because they can use Elmer's or zip dry glue.How cute would this be for the star on top of your tree?

The flowers were SO fun ! I used Websters ruffled Mistables trim, glued to the backside close to the edges after misting them with "Starfish" Glimmer Mist. Paint a craft stick green, add some leaves, a magnet on the back, done ! Mother's Day gifts also come to mind with this project. Just use a heart tin on a circle shaped piece of colored chipboard, with the lace or trim around that.

  I layered ribbons and trims to get a textured look for the above ornaments The pink and brown ornament has lace behind the flower swag, and the others have netting from Websters. If you trim the excess netting from your flowers, keep it to make a great matching hanger.You can see an example of that on the green and red ornament in the top picture. The embellishments are a combination of Tim Holtz, Seven Gypsies, Teresa Collins Blingage, and Prima from Flamingo Scraps. The beauty of this project is that you can make these as ornate or as simple as you'd like.

This particular ornament is a locket, and was my favorite to make. Paint your tins first,I used a Krylon spray here, match them up together, then hot glue the hinge on. (There's the chopstick!). Don't worry if you get your hinge in the wrong spot. It peels off easily. I added pins with hearts on them to the flowers on the front, and on the inside I bent the pin, snipped off the excess, used a dab of glue on the pin itself, and used it as a hook.( Be sure to bend your pin back and glue the part without the heart on it to the tin so you don't have a sharp edge exposed). This would make a great jewelery gift box ornament.

I hope you have as much fun creating these little gems as I did. Be sure to follow us on and  check back for the new store due to open any day now at

Our Lead Educator, Tonya Gibbs  ROCKS some great ideas and projects the first Monday of every month so be sure to catch her on / at 8:30 with a Q & A the following Monday.And last, but certainly not least, Cindy deRosier will be hosting the Flamingo Four on the fourth Friday of each month with three designers from our Design Team. Featured will be four specific items from Flamingo Scraps. Please note that due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Flamingo Four will be the featured on November 30th, which is the last Friday.

Have a safe and great Thanksgiving !



  1. Even more gorgeous in person as I can attest!! Love the way the locket ornament turned out!!! Suzanne

  2. These are fab. Love them and they would make great gifts too. Great post today Kathleen.

  3. Thanks ladies ! These are so easy and fun to make !

  4. How fun! I especially like the locket!

  5. They turned out beautifully! Love them!

  6. Kathleen, I love these orderments!! What a great idea!! Now I need to go shopping and find some tart trays!!! Girl, you rocked this!!


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