Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saving Photos

Every once in a while, I take a photo that I am dying to scrap with a story I am dying to tell, yet I set it aside and don't scrap it. Here are two such photos:

I took these photos the first time our family went geocaching. For those who don't know, geocaching is essentially a treasure hunt using a GPS. There are more than a million geocaches hidden all over the world and anyone is welcome to search for them. All caches contain a logbook and many also contain trading items or prizes too. From our very first find, we've been completely hooked. I was absolutely dying to create a layout about our new-found love of geocaching.

So why didn't I? Why did I save these photos instead of scrapping them? Basically, it's because I knew that geocaching was not going to be a one-time thing for us. I knew that there would be dozens (hundreds? thousands?) more pictures from our geocaching adventures. I obviously wouldn't be scrapping them all. My absolute favorite layouts are the ones that combine photos from different events to tell a more complete story, so I intentionally waited until we had more geocaching photos, then I put them together to make this layout:

From Flamingo Scraps: BasicGrey patterned paper & alphabet stickers; Crate Paper vine accent; Grungeboard
Other: Paper Company cardstock; Folk Art paint; ColorBox ink

I'm so glad I saved those photos! I love how they work with the other photos in this layout to provide an overview of our first six months of geocaching. For me, saving photos is totally worth it.


  1. I got so obsessed with my geocaching photos I ended up with a whole album devoted to them. I use the albums where I can just put some 4x6 pages in and also some layouts. We have cached in many states now and I just had too many stories to tell. It's a great hobby!!

  2. Forgot to mention I love your layout!

  3. what an awesome layout!! it is always so difficult for me to use multiple pictures in one layout, thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. Theresa, so glad to hear from another geocaching addict! Isn't it the best?! I can definitely see having a whole album for just geocaching pics. I have another half-done geocaching page on my desk right now (about my compulsion to introduce other people to geocaching), so expect to see it on the blog eventually. We're planning to hide our first cache(s) this summer, so that will definitely be a topic for me to scrap! And we'll be doing our first out-of-state geocaching this summer too. :)

  5. I have totally never heard of this. But I have saved photos that I have never used, cause I was saving them for a "Special" reason. Great layout.

  6. That sounds like FUN!!! I love love love love that you waited for more photos....your lo turned out amazing! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. Great layout Cindy! I've heard of geocaching - it's sounds like a great hobby the whole family can enjoy. I know my neighbor is into it. ~*Susan*~

  8. I have heard of geocaching, but had no idea what it was!
    This is a nice layout. It gives me inpiration of how to make a layout with those saved pictures---especially from holidays.


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