Friday, July 12, 2013

Altered Doll Dress Ornaments

Merry Christmas ! I am Luanne Ostrom, and am honored to be a Guest Design Team member for Flamingo Scraps during the Christmas in July extravaganza. This is the first time I have ever posted one of my projects, so I hope you enjoy it. This is my version of an altered dress ornament, using a Barbie or any other similar type doll, as a "mold" of sorts. After you have a mold you can then decorate and embellish it to your heart's content ! I LOVE the Maya Road Three Flower metal hangers. Be sure to use coupon code maya40 to receive 40% off  Maya Road products. Now THAT'S what I call a nice Christmas present !!

CORSET: Do you remember Paper Mache? That is what you are going to do for the corset using the upper part of your fashion doll. I wrapped the doll in cling wrap and then applied torn pieces of light weight paper with water and glue mixture covering the torso. I did leave a 1/8 inch in the back open to cut the corset off the doll. I let dry for an hour and wrapped with the cheese cloth (it was still tacky) around the doll. I let this dry over night. I applied the paper from the Christmas In July - Kit Traditional, as I did the light weight paper and covered with cheese cloth. Let dry until you tap on it and it sounds hollow. (I did use my heat gun to help it to dry faster, but mostly air dry.) After the corset is dry, cut along the opening in the back, and gently remove the cling wrap. Cut off an excess cheese cloth and paper. Shape your corset with scissors. Now, with Prima Chalk Edgers , cover the edges. You will need to punch three small holes on each side of the back of the corset. I used a 1/16 paper puncher and then with a paper piercer I enlarge the holes so I could put in a ribbon and tulle.


SKIRT: Cut 3-4 inches of lace and 5-6 inches tulle (depending on how full you may want a little more). Hand stitch the top with a basting stitch and pull to gather on both separately. Check to see if
the gathers are correct before attaching. Glue the center of the lace (face up) to the center front of the corset, then the sides. Use the same process for the tulle and let dry. Be sure to check out the collection of Maya Road Tu Tu Tulle , it's 40% off with coupon code maya40 !!

BUSTLE: Cut 3 pieces of card stock :  6 x 12, 4 ½ x 7 1/2  and 3 x 6 , for the bustle. You are going to make a fan with each with ½ in folds. If you want to glue lace on the bottom of the paper it should be now. You are going to place the fans into each other only placing the top halfway down (see picture), glue in place and dry. Before the bustle is totally dry you may want lift each section just a little to give volume.
Glue into corset at an angle. You will have to make fiddle with it until you like it and let dry.

 HINT: Mist the card stock to make it pliable.

Once everything is dry it is time for my favorite thing to do…..BLING it!

I hope you all enjoyed my Altered Dress Ornament with the Flamingo Scraps’ Christmas In July Kit - Traditional and all the other goodies you can get from Flamingo Scraps. Remember 40% off Maya Road products when you use coupon code maya40 !!!

Merry Christmas to all!


Materials Used :
Fashion Doll
Cling wrap
Elmer's glue, thinned with water
Lightweight paper (I used pages from an old dictionary)
Card stock from the Christmas In July Kit - Traditional
Melissa Frances 4" and 6" Three Flower Hangers
Prima Chalk Edgers
Bling, ribbon and flowers from my stash




  1. Just Beautiful Luann!!!! We are so happy to have you with us during Christmas in July!!!!

  2. Congrats on your first post Luann! Love your dress form and *clothes*! I have many paper doll stamps needing clothes! Thanks for the inspiration! Donna

  3. These are really neat, and so unique! Nice job :)

  4. Wow this is just so neat "I love it!!!" Thanks so much for the tutorial!! You did great on your post!!!

  5. These are super cute. Great post! welcome to the flock!


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