Monday, July 22, 2013

Fast and Easy Cards - Brights Collections

I never seem to have the time to make Christmas Cards in December, so when Suzanne over at Flamingo Scraps gave us the Christmas kits in July I thought I can make a bunch of cards now to give out to my kids teachers, friends, family etc.  Get them done now and get not have to worry about it later!!

 For all of the cards I used a Kraft card base (24 pack bought at Michaels that come with envelopes).  Kraft paper goes with every color so it make for a great base and it makes card making much faster and easier.  I then used the same layout and papers from the Christmas Brights Kit, this speeds up making lots of cards fast.  I used different tags and stickers, but the basic idea for each card is the same.  

Tips for making multiple simple cards fast

1) When making cards like this set up and assebly line. 
2) Make the prototype card, then once known all dimensions start cutting for the rest of the cards, one paper type at a time, don't try and cut everything for one card, then start all over, this takes way to long.
3) Inked everything for all the cards at the same time.  If you are doing a stamp, stamp everything at the same time too.
4) start gluing one color at a time.  For these cards I glued all the background red first, then all the blue dot papers, then the paper strips, etc.
5) Add stickers and you are done.

 Another fun way to dress up your cards to add stickers to the envelopes.  As long as you are not mailing the envelopes as is to people (hand delivery or mailed with other objects in a box) then decorating the envelopes just adds to the fun.

Supplies used
Card base - other


  1. So cute Erin! What a great idea for a busy mom like yourself or a person who has a super busy schedule.The assembly line idea is brilliant.

  2. What a great idea! These cards are so cute!

  3. Really cute cards Erin. Great job!!


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