Friday, July 19, 2013

Christmas Under Glass!!!

I am addicted to Pinterest!!!!  And if Pinterest is wrong, I don't want to be right!!!  Actually, it has motivated me to actually do some projects, perhaps because with a couple of mouse clicks, these beautiful ideas are deconstructed into easy to follow instructions!

I have been enchanted with the waterless snowglobes I've seen on so many boards -- last year I made a few from salvaged jars.  But when I saw these Melissa Frances mini cloches, I knew they were perfect to step up my game a little!

Beautiful mini cloches from Melissa Frances

I've also fallen in love with bleached, natural, bottlebrush Christmas Trees -- I first saw instructions for them in Lisa Pace's Delight in the Seasons, but I've seen similar instructions on Pinterest as well.  Starting with a natural tree, I built little tableaux on the chipboard base.  These little treasures are perfect for vintage found objects -- check your Christmas decorations for small pieces parts to add to your snowglobes.

For the "Joy to the World" globe I tickled the edges of the tree with white glue and platinum glitter; I covered the Maya Road chipboard wings with the same glitter.  A miscellaneous tiny baby doll was distressed with Tim Holtz alchohol ink and a crown charm rests on its head.  JOY is spelled out in wood Scrabble tiles -- I snap up these board games whenever I find them!  A strip of sheet music is cut into a banner and "to the world" was typed on my vintage typewriter!  The trees are perfect for the "backbone" of the arrangement -- both the angel and the Scrabble tiles are attached directly to the tree.  Mound some "snow" (in this case white craft sand) around the base of the tree and you are ready to attach the globe.  Most any papercrafting adhesive will do for building the scene, but I recommend E6000 adhesive for attaching the glass to the base.

The Believe globe uses the same Melissa Frances cloche and a natural tree.  The deer is Prima resin distressed with alcohol ink, and the canvas banner and star trinket pin are from Maya Road.

Once you get the hang of these little jewels -- I had a little trouble keeping the "snow" in the globe while gluing the glass to the base -- they are such fun and perfect for your own decor or as gifts.  I am thinking pastel trees and bunnies for Easter!!!

Thanks so much for looking in on our Christmas in July projects!  We are inspiring each other and having so much fun -- hope you are too!!!


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