Saturday, August 7, 2010

Re-posting Cool Challenge # 1 with Mr. Linky

We are re-posting the requirements for Cool Challenge #1.  The Mr. Linky wasn't working in the original post!

Cool Challenge #1 ~ Read Between the Lines - Carole King
For this challenge, I want you to read between the lines both literally and figuratively.
1. Your journaling needs to be between lines.
2. Somewhere in the content, either the title, photos or journaling, there must be something that you must "read between the lines" to understand or see. You know, saying something or showing something where the meaning is not readily apparent.

Required item:  You must use at least one flower somewhere on your layout.

So use this post to upload your challenge layouts to the blog.  You have until Sunday, August 8th at 8pm EST to upload your entry. (Ignore that it is calling our challenge "Manic Monday"!)  The winner will be announced in Monday's blog along with the new challenge!  Good Luck!


  1. fun challenges! I'm working on my ds's photos now... must think about the between the lines part! :-)

  2. Posted mine to Mr. Linky--you can read the full text with the between-the-lines ghost writing at my blog,

  3. Very proud of myself: I finished the layout, managed to include a (tiny) flower, AND used Mister Linky for the first time. Exciting!

  4. Many thanks to those of you who played along! Great LO's everyone!


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