Friday, May 21, 2010

FOUND: Inspired by Cindy!

Today, I wanted to share with you this fantastic layout by Cindy deRosier!

I LOVE the idea of using a mask to create a title like this using mists.  What I love about Cindy's version is the tone-on-tone approach she took with her misting and pen color, as well as the way she outlined the masked letters to really make them stand out!   Not to mention her amazing handwriting (at first glance I thought it was typed!), the subject she scrapped and the way she tells a story with her journaling.   That pretty much goes for all her scrapbook layouts!  She also has this beyond cute altered project in her scrappy repertoire:

These are recycled gerber puffs bottles!  Cindy used them as an inexpensive gift for all the moms in her son's playgroup!  Wouldn't these be an adorable Christmas decoration as well?  Or a cute container for holiday candies to give away to coworkers or neighbors?  How fabulous would it be to use some navy velvet ric rac from the store as the scarf?  Or some e-line bling as the buttons?! 

Think I'm going to have to make some snowmen.  And a layout with a masked title.  Cindy has definitely inspired my creativity!  I hope she has inspired yours too.   Please join us in thanking Cindy for sharing her ideas with us by stopping by her gallery on or commenting below.  Hugs Cindy for letting me share, you rock! :) 

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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  1. omg, I am in love with those snowmen. I hope Cindy will share how to do them. Thanks for finding her for us Amanda!


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