Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Travel Journal

I'm headed to Pennsylvania today!!  Why Pennsylvania you might ask?  To visit my brother and sister-in-law -- the Californians living in Amish Country!  For the past year they have lived in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and in a few weeks they are moving 45 minutes away to Hershey for the next three years while she completes her residency in Pediatrics.

I'm a total tourist, history buff and foodie, so let me know if you have any suggestions for me!  Given how easy it is for me to forget things over a short weekend trip, I thought it would be great to take along a journal to capture everything at the end of the day.  Hopefully, this will give me something to look back at for my scrapbook pages later!

I took a simple, cheap old composition book that I had laying in the stash:

And covered it with this paper:

From Flamingo Scraps: pink paislee bayberry cottage die cut patterned paper

Added some Webster's alphabet stickers:

And this Chrysanthemum flower I made from the same piece of paper:
From Flamingo Scraps: Prima e-line pearl, websters alphabet stickers and pink paislee patterned paper.

Quick cover for the back using a scrap piece of patterned paper also from the bayberry cottage line:

Some simple changes to the inside cover and nothing but blank paper to scribble upon!

As for those chrysanthemum flowers..... they are super simple.... check back tomorrow and I'll show you how I made them for that fabulous die-cut patterned paper in the store!

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  1. Love it! That's a great idea for any vacation- it can be so hard to remember everything afterward when the days start to run together. Have a wonderful trip!


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